Pracaxi Oil
Pracaxi Oil
Pracaxi Oil
Pracaxi Oil
Pracaxi Oil

Pracaxi Oil

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Pracaxi is my new favourite oil! It's wild harvested in the Brazilian Amazon from the seed of the pentaclethra macroloba (oil bean) tree. The oil is produced by cold pressing the seeds. The pressed oil is creamy and light. It feels like a supple, soft wax which penetrates skin layers, leaving you feeling replenished, resilient +  healthyEffective on skin marks, stretch marks and grease build up on the skin. It has a high behinic acid content which aids in strengthening both the skin + hair.

The oil will appear matte or solid in colder temperatures, partially or fully. Crystallisation also is possible. Both are normal and a liquid state is easily restored by gentle warming (set it on a radiator or in a warm spot).

Our pracaxi oil is supplied in a gorgeous, refillable airless pump. The bottom of the pump rises as you use the oil, sealing it in and keeping air out. This will keep your oil fresh for longer (air exposure causes rancidity in natural oils). When your oil supply is finished, simply unscrew the top and push the circular disk down with a clean stick. Then refill with pracaxi or something else (lotions, gels, oils) and prime the pump to get any air out. 

Initial supply of this oil is from Rainforest Chica.

From the Rainforest Chica web site:

Pracaxi oil is an extraordinary oil with several cosmetic, therapeutic and medicinal properties.  

It is widely used on the treatment of hyperpigmentation and scars. Besides improving the appearance of stretch marks, it acts as an inhibitor of melanin biosynthesis, being used on the treatment of melasma and sun and age spots (with Acai, Brazil Nut, Pataua and Tucuma Oils).

It is often used to treat erysipelas, a skin infection usually caused by bacteria. In the forest it is used to treat snake and scorpion bites and as a mosquito repellent.

Pracaxi is very popular for treating hair, it makes it brighter, easier to comb, and helps to avoid hair loss.

No wonder Pracaxi has been commonly referred as “The Miracle Oil !!


  • Strong antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal,  anti-parasitic and anti hemorrhagic

  • Highest source of Behenic acid (6 times higher than that of peanut oil) 

  • Strong moisturizing properties, easy to use, absorbs fast

  • Inhibitor of melanin biosynthesis - used on the treatment of melasma and sun and age spots


  • Scars

  • Melasma

  • Age and sun spots

  • Stretch marks

  • Erysipelas (skin infection usually caused by bacteria)

  • Hair loss

  • Dull hair


  • Anti-hyperpigmentation face cream

  • Pregnancy creams

  • Scar balms

  • Hair leave-in, combing cream


  • This amazing oil can be used directly on the skin and hair or it can be used in the confection of melasma and scars products, massage blends, body butters, hair conditioners and medicinal salves.