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A Extraordinarily Superb Floral 

The inspiration for this scent is the gorgeous Stanhopea orchid. Indigenous to Central America, these plants produce very short-lived but spectacular blooms, often lasting only a day! They emit a strong vanilla-cinnamon scent attracts bees almost instantly to the blooms.

This soap is blended with vanilla extract that's handmade in our workshop and then scented with a dash of cinnamon and the lemony-honey-citrus burst of pomelo perfume. The result is a beautifully scented bar with a charming vanilla-speckled veneer.


Sargasso Botanica

Our Sargasso Botanica soaps begin with a base of coconut butter + aloe vera. To this, we add olive oil, mango butter, and wildcrafted Amazonian murumuru butter.

Orchid is blended with handmade vanilla extract.



Jamaica's climate is so diverse that it sustains more than 200 varieties of endemic orchid species. Caribbean gardens are abundant with the blooms which, they say, thrive when you just let them be. There's some wisdom in there. . . 

For my orchid enthusiasts, watch the real-time bloom of the Stanhopea orchid here



Orchid scent is available in a soy + rapeseed glass jar candle!