Handmade ceramic glazed soap dish - sea grape leaf

Sargasso Trading Company

Regular price £14.00

Something uniquely beautiful, handcrafted and practical for your bath.

Our sea grape leaf soap dish is handmade just for us in the Highland Pottery workshop, in Chalky Mount, St. Andrew, Barbados.

Up a winding road and around a few more corners is the workshop run by Winston and Prim. They are from St Lucia, but have been artists-in-residence in Chalky Mount a few years now using the local clay to fashion all manner of beautiful pieces. They bring 18 years of beautiful craftwork to the longstanding tradition of Chalky Mount ceramic artists.

We commissioned these sea grape leaves for Sargasso and we couldn't be more pleased with them. The inspiration was just outside the workshop, in fact, in the form of the sea grape that grows just outside the window.

Crafted of local "Chalky Mount" clay, Prim has fashioned these brilliant and practical holders to keep your soaps lovely and dry between uses.

Each dish is signed by the artist. Limited availability of just 12. 

Jasmine soap pictured for photo and is not included in the price. 



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