Frankincense Par-fume Gift

Frankincense Par-fume Gift

£22.00 GBP

Clarity + comfort ready to gift or keep for yourself. Frankincense has been in use for thousands of years. Its floral/citrusy/woody scent seems familiar and comforting, giving users pleasure through the power of smell. 

Our Frankincense par-fume gift box includes:

  • 3g of quality, medicinal grade frankincense. Ours in sourced from Dubai, UAE and Royal Green Hojari frankincense, harvested from Smahan's mountain, South of Oman - Dhofar.
  • A beautiful brass incense holder, supplied by Kairaasi Imports, a working artisan company in Chennai, India
  • Five charcoal discs for burning
  • Instructions for use

The gift box comes filled with wood wool shaving and is sealed.