clay + charcoal happy skin kit
clay + charcoal happy skin kit
clay + charcoal happy skin kit
clay + charcoal happy skin kit

clay + charcoal happy skin kit

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A clay facial masque is one of my favourite rituals. This one is simply divine.

Kaolin and bentonite clay draw out those impurities and the combination of argan, shea, sweet almond + sunflower oils clear pores and rebalance the oils in skin. Goodbye blackheads, hello smooth skin! After using it, my face and neck feel refreshed and clean, and my skin is nice and calm.

The kit gives you a generous-sized pot (at least 5 uses, by my reckoning) of a ready-to-use clay and butter masque, along with a pot of excellent quality activated charcoal, mixing sticks + some tips for use. Depending on your mood of the moment, you can use the clay masque straight out of the tin or mix up a charcoal masque for extra purifying power. 


140g kaolin + bentonite clay masque – this is a preserved emulsion, so it will be safely bacteria-free for 12 months from the time you open it. However, please remember to use a clean + dry finger or spatula or else you will introduce bacteria.

15g activated charcoal powder – a natural detoxifier, charcoal pulls toxins from skin, giving a pleasing drying out sensation when applied. Activated charcoal is made using carbon from organic sources and exposing it to very high temperatures—this process is called activation. The carbon develops pores which vastly increase the surface area of the nutrients. This charcoal is a finely reduced powder (3-10 microns), which gives a huge surface area for the absorption of dirt and oil!

Cautions: Please patch test the masque on your skin before use. Take care if you are adding any extracts or essential oils. If you wish to do this, ensure that you do your research properly and never put extracts or essential oils directly on your skin or ingest them.


  • If using the clay masque on its own, you can take it directly from the pot.
  • If mixing a charcoal masque, use a clean bowl for mixing up a single-use masque.
  • The charcoal powder is a very fine dust. Take care, as it disperses in the air easily and sticks to everything! . . . That’s why it works so well.
  • There’s enough charcoal powder for at least two batches. How much you add is totally up to you!
  • After you rinse off your masque, follow with your favourite toner and then massage in an oil suitable for your skin type.

Final tip: Use one of these for a luxury spa experience

   Add a bamboo head band for £5.25

    Add a bamboo hair drying towel for £12


Ingredients in the masque: aqua, kaolin, glycerine, bentonite, prunus amygdalus dulcis, butyrospermum parkii butter, argania spinosa kernel oil, cetearyl alcohol, coco-glucoside, helianthus annuus seed oil, coconut alcohol, glyceryl stearate, tocopherol, dehydroacetic acid, disodium EDTA, benzyl alcohol.

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