"Soon Come" - Notes from the Workshop

We're busy working on a full range of natural products to care for everyone's hair and skin.

Focusing on packing our formulations with optimal nourishing ingredients, our priority is a full cupboard of affordable, worry-free hair and skin care that's suitable for the whole family, no matter which part of the world you come from. 

We always like to hear about what our customers need, so if you've got a suggestion, or idea for a product, please do get in touch.


Amazon Matte

A healing concoction of butters and waxes that will improve dry and cracked skin, the appearance of scars, and help make your damaged skin healthy again. This blend boasts serious sustainability credentials with certified wild harvested Amazon rainforest butters. These plants are not farmed and the harvesting and pressing of seeds into oil supports indigenous communities, paid fairly through our UK supplier, O and 3, whose #soiltooil program supports local production and sustainable practices around the world.