Our Heritage - Bushcraft + Ingredients

Indigenous to Indonesia, nutmeg was imported by the Dutch to Grenada in the seventeenth century in order to secure their monopoly on the global spice trade. The tree yields two important agricultural exports, nutmeg and mace, which are widely used in food, medicine and cosmetics.​


We use nutmeg essential oil in our Orangewood aromatherapy blend.

Naturally inspired

The biodiversity of the Caribbean region reflects a global presence: our indigenous flora and fauna has accepted countless new species from Africa, Asia and Europe. Over time, we've created a collective knowledge that includes a global palette of resources. Some people call this 'Bushcraft'.

We grew up in this Caribbean tradition of using natural medicines: single bible (aloe) for cuts and scrapes, sunburn, or a persistent thumb-sucking habit; fevergrass (lemongrass) or ginger tea to settle an upset tummy. 'Bushcraft' is nothing unique or exotic to us. It's our history. For our ancestors, knowing how to use plants properly gave nourishment, medicine, and even weaponry for survival. It's very much alive in our elders, but less so in our generation. 

Our products are crafted from nature to heal, nourish and protect us from the elements. We also know that science enhances nature’s reach, so we choose wisely from the latest technologies and we trial and test them to ensure their safety and efficacy. Call it 'modern bushcraft'.

Our heritage also inspires us to develop scents that aren't just lovely to smell, but are deeply resonant and memorable. The Sargasso fragrance palette is composed of signature Caribbean aromas from the land and the sea: florals, island fruits, herbals, and scent combinations that remind us of some very special days and places. Our supplier has been sourcing extraordinary natural perfumes and creating safe-synthetic perfumes since the 1950s. Indeed, they've made three gorgeous scents just for us: Bathsheba, Halcyon, and Fresh Cacao, our Sargasso Exclusives collection.