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Which is the oil for me?

Which is the oil for me?

I get this question a lot: Which oil should I use? 

Of course, oils have different properties and viscosities. Most are beneficial to skin and hair, but some will work better than others on YOUR skin and hair. Read on for what I've learned from my personal use and what my customers say!

Botanica Oil - light, easily penetrating + healing

Our lightest oil has a base of grapeseed, jojoba and rosehip mosqueta oils. These are easily penetrating and get along nicely with the sebum (oil layer) in your skin. Botanica's essential oil blend makes it a very nose-pleasing tropical floral, which keeps many of the buzzing creatures (including hair lice) away--so my customers tell me. Tried and tested by myself and many others in Barbados, England, and Florida!

  • Best for - anyone 3 years+, with any kind of hair, as it's light and easily absorbed.
  • Scent - lavender, cedar wood, ylang ylang flower, rosemary, citronella, lemongrass + patchouli essential oils
  • The cap is crushproof and not easy to cause accidental spills in your bag. Also tried and tested. 
  • Well-priced at £6 for the 50ml size and £10 for the 100ml size

  • SeaFlower Oil - Therapeutic, nourishing + luxurious

    Our midweight oil is packed full of hair + skin vitamins like argan, cold pressed coconut, and castor. These deliver nutrition, balance and shine to scalp and hair. Customers also just love the weight and smell and tell me it makes a perfect bath oil! 

    • Best for - anyone 3 years+  with long hair (ends) or curly and wavy hair scalp and hair leave-in. Light enough to use every day on curly or dry hair.
    • Scent - sweet orange and geranium leaf essential oil
    • 50ml premium quality glass dropper (refillable, of course) dispenses a drop at a time, so you only use what you need - £14
    • 20ml PET plastic serum pump dispenser is also refillable and makes an excellent travel companion with its screw top and crushproof overcap - £5

    Muru Muru Smoothie - Hair + Skin super vitamin

    If we had to have just one oil, this might be it. Adjust the amount and you're good to go! A powerful concoction of wild harvested Amazonian butter, cold pressed coconut oil, argan oil, castor oil, and D-Panthenol gives you everything you need for amazing scalp health. 

    • Use as a pre-shampoo treatment, massaging in a tiny amount to scalp.
    • Muru muru is amazing on curly and wavy hair as it's packed with exactly the kind of moisture your hair needs to curl!
    • Can be left in and used as often as you wish.
    • Solid at room temperature, but it melts on skin contact.
    • 100g size is £17.50 and 20g size for £7.50 
    • Scent - SeaFlower (sweet orange and geranium leaf) 
    • Unscented version suitable for babies weighing 7kg+, so a perfect natural treat for the whole family - Baby Muru Muru Smoothie 

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