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Happy Soap Endings

Happy Soap Endings

How to Make your Soap Bar Last

It happens to all of us. That lovely bar of soap you began using a few weeks ago has become . . . 

A pile of slimy mush.

This cute natural fibre bag is a great, eco-friendly way to keep your soap going to the very last gram. You can use it in a few ways!

A perfect bathside perch 

Give your soap a rest atop the bag. The water will drain through the holes and keep your soap bar dry until next time. 







Put those last bits to use!

Trying to use tiny soap pieces can be awkward. Just put them inside the drawstring bag and you can use them until they're done!

Scrubbing up with this natural fibre is a great way of exfoliating skin as well.





Hang out in your bathroom 





Keep it all dry by hanging it up, away from the moisture.

You can use the bag for travel or for scenting the cupboard. 


The Dish on Soap Dishes

I always recommend using a dish with holes. There’s a beautiful ceramic dish in our shop, and thousands on Etsy. I don’t like using slatted wooden soap holders myself, because the wood can mildew over time.


If you’re after a natural solution, try an abalone shell or a clam shell with ridges. You’ll still have to tip the water out of the grooves, but it will keep the soap dry enough.


A bar of Barefoot soap is sitting pretty on this groovy Atlantic clam shell, and this abalone shell we picked up in a gift shop in Brighton has many uses, including as a perfect soap dish!  

Top tips for happy soap endings:

  • Always use a dish with holes.
  • Let soap dry between uses. This might mean taking it out of the shower.
  • You can use any soap ‘mush’ or tiny pieces in your liquid soap dispenser. It’s best if you grate or dice the remnant first. Then top up the bottle with water and shake well to break down the soap remnant. Reusing your liquid dispenser and pump is, of course, a fantastic thing to do.

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