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A 'Wild' Change in our Soap Base

A 'Wild' Change in our Soap Base

From July 1, all of our soaps will be made with natural material from olive trees, mango seeds, coconuts, aloe vera plants, and wildcrafted murumuru palm nuts. That's right, we're going straight to the source for a vitamin-rich, deeply moisturising wash.

There's another reason as well. For the sake of our relationship with the planet and to help our customers to make confident choices about cosmetics, we're switching out the RSPO-certified palm butter in our soap base.

While we've never been shy about using our certified and sustainably sourced palm oil from Colombia, we've realised that even the RSPO is losing the battle against greedy multinationals, and small farmers in Southeast Asia are going to suffer because of unethical corporations.

We've taken the decision to take a positive step forward by supporting the indigenous communities in Brazil who hand-harvest mururmuru butter. It grows wild in the Amazon jungle region and harvesting the butter from the palm is a significant economic activity for the region.


The best news is that the new ingredient base makes a soap bar that's just as lovely. . . in fact, our trial group thinks it's even more moisturising. . . than our original base. 

This is part of our ongoing mission to be as ecologically responsible as possible. We're also minimising our use of plastic materials and reusing everything possible in the workshop, so please don't be surprised if you get recycled packing material in your shipment. Just put it to one side and use it again!

Photo credit: Cayman Compass

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