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Tiny Seahorse Charms LondonTown

Tiny Seahorse Charms LondonTown

Was it coincidence or serendipity? After some recent stops and starts, we finally decided on a date (November 2011) to go ahead our infant Sargasso enterprise. That very week on the BBC news page, a tiny article flashed across my screen. . . about a tiny seahorse.


Consider it an ecological triumph or a herald of good fortune for our enterprise: a rare baby seahorse was found living in the Thames River. Scientists believe that this is the beginning of a resurgence of the species as the discovery of the infant seahorse suggests that the presence of a colony. And that they’ve taken up residence far upstream near Greenwich signals good ecological news for the weary old Thames.

I, a sometimes-believer in signs and of natural omens, was thrilled. Naturally. We adopted our signature seahorse, with its sinuous and charming curves, as an icon of the natural, the marvellous, and as the Sargasso Sea has shown itself, the somewhat elusive and quirky. 

So was Mother Nature sending us a 'thumbs up'? Sure, if you believe in the wonderful. We do.

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